Happy Days: Over

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Yes, my happy days are finally over. Goodbye Second Semester.

The second semester of this school year was one of my happiest semester in my entire academic life. I got good subjects and really good teachers, hopefully I will get really good grades (one grade is out now from my theo class it’s 1.75).

Another stressful semester is ahead of me, waiting for me next school year. I’m scheduled to have 3 Major subjects such as Systems Analysis and Design (which we took as an "elective" in Don Bosco when I was still in high school), Statistics and Probability and one IT elective (probably I will be taking ABAP) in addition to these I will have to take my "Liberal Arts" subjects such as Philippine History and etc.

Hmm.. what to do during summer?

Oh Lucky Week!

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Things that happened this week:

  1. We won the Clash of the Brains Competition
  2. Got excempted from Theo Finals, got a grade of 1.75
  3. Got a grade of 108% for ITOM project (yes it’s 108%)

This is good, this is good. A good sign for the finals week!

Headdesk and Heads-up Moments

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From my classmate’s youtube upload. Videos taken yesterday.
My Headdesk Moment: Porter’s Five Forces

Our Heads-up Moment