Lesson of the Day: Go through game tutorials before even flying a B747-400

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I just got my copy of this very cool game called Microsoft Flight Simulator. I was very excited since being a pilot is one of my childhood aspirations.

In this game, I just realized that they actually use ICAO codes instead of IATA codes (Ninoy Aquino International Airport is MNL in IATA and RPLL in ICAO). I tried flying to Cebu and Tagbilaran with a Boeing 747-400 without even going through the tutorials, but to no avail my plane "lands" somewhere and I have no idea on where I am going.

I guess, I have to go through game tutorials first before even flying. I have to rest now, I’m kinda dizzy. Once I get home tomorrow, I will play flight simulator.

Good Night.


Peanut Brittle

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The class adviser entered the classroom of her grade three students on a warm Monday afternoon, with her a peanut brittle which she bought on her way back to Manila from her weekend on her hometown. It was the homeroom period, she told her students about her wonderful weekend and after that she split the peanut brittle into pieces for everyone to share.

Everyone was so happy to have their share of the peanut brittle. The class adviser was so happy to see her students smiling. After that, she dismissed the class however, no one ever thanked her for the peanut brittle.

Windows Vista, 2007 Office and Security Bootcamp University of Batangas

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We were asked to make a reflective journal with a topic as same as this blog

Blogging from my mobile phone

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I never thought that blogging from a mobile phone while walking around the campus would b fun. I’m currently studying for my 1st stat exam later. Wish me luck! Ü

Life Project

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The title of my blog was inspired by one of my Philosophical Anthropology notes stored on my computer. To explain read:


Multicoloured Gumamelas

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I’m officially on photograpgy with my dad’s DSLR camera. My first product, was flowers and I turned them into different colors including one that almost has the Windows Colors on each petal (kung apat lang sana ang petal, sigh).