This moment made me promise to myself that I will never ever cram again for the rest of my life.

We’ve been working on Project Spotlight for several weeks, but there are still several modules that needs to be done in order to be able to present it for Saturday last week. It was weeks that included an overnight at my classmate’s house at Antipolo, Rizal, late stays in School and etc.

After my theology class last Friday, we decided to stay at my classmate’s dorm to work on the project but I think we are informed that we can stay until 9 or something. We worked on the project module by module, code by code, stick of fries, etc [We thank Mc Donald’s for Delivering our food] but 9 came and we can’t work anymore. I was thinking at that time, "What if we weren’t be able to present anything tomorrow?", "What if I fail 8 units?", "What will happen to us?".

The day before that, we even planned to stay at Starbucks in Pearl Drive and move to Mc Donald’s El Pueblo (which is 24 hours) if starbucks closes at 1AM just to work on our project. Then we actually planned to just take a bath in the school shower. We actually have everything (long sleeves, leather shoes, slacks) that day. But the idea is so bizarre that we are already risking ourselves, what if Starbucks or McDonalds gets robbed during the night, our notebook computers might be taken away and the end result would be that we’ll never ever be able to present anything the following day or worse we might get killed or kidnapped.

Since we need a bigger workspace (and I need my desktop for UI stuff, I can’t design well in my notebook computer) and a network where we can exchange files and update on the fly, I went home with the rest of the group. My classmate drove everyone of us to my home. We arrived here at my house at around 10:30 PM, we immediately connected everything to the wireless network and start working. Non-stop coding and design (they also did non stop diagramming and typing) at four in the morning basic feature is complete except for authentication, we did everything to get it out on time.

At Six, we ate breakfast and hurriedly went to school. Take note, we brought the printer along with us. Imagine entering the school carrying a printer, we even joked to the upperclassmen that we intend to sell printing services.

The Presentation

It’s the moment of truth. Actually we’re scared, our project might create a random error so we are very careful in clicking during the demonstration. But to our relief the presentation ended with good remarks and suggestions from our dear teachers.

We didn’t expect to reach this stage, so after that we ate at Marina and celebrated. (one of those restaurants that specializes in seafood and cuisines from ilo-ilo) After that we watched our blockmates present. They have these uber cool projects such as the ordering system, and the web-based payroll system. Personally I liked the payroll system for the simple and professional UI which is really suitable for a payroll system. (Although because of lack of sleep, I just blacked out during their presentation, tulog)

Lesson Learned


I want to thank my ever productive groupmates for a job well done. You are the best group that I’ve ever worked with, but please no more cramming next semester.

Project Spotlight

  1. Ma. Katrina Junio
  2. Samuel Edric Solis
  3. Jose Emmanuel Lopez
  4. Andrew Chiong
  5. Jay Alfred Inting
  6. Matthew Chua
  7. Chester Coronel

Each of us had 12-15 hours of sleep the following day.