1. ITE443 – Elective: Emerging Technologies
  2. ITB414 – Accounting and Finance Principles
  3. PS102 – Philippine Society and Culture
  4. LIT103 – Medieval Literature (Dante)
  5. FOS101 – Basic Economics
  6. MPE132 – Ultimate Frisbee
  7. ITB422 – Software Engineering

This is it, my schedule for next semester. Up to now I am still wondering how I could get to Ortigas (from Paranaque) in time for my Emerging Technologies Elective. It’s a good thing that I left my Wednesdays and Saturdays free, so that in the later part of the semester I have more time to cram work on projects.

This semester, like almost all my semesters in UA&P should be failure free. I don’t know how will I perform with Medieval Literature, but I think it’s exciting since we will be talking about Dante and his works (Inferno, Paradiso, etc).

Right now I’m still preparing for Wednesday. I’m very excited on how will things turn out. Currently I’m sleepy. My new dog is so matakaw.

Good Night!