A Lesson from the Dante’s Inferno Final Exam (Med. Lit Midterms)

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Diligence is nice, but don’t overdo it.


I was preparing for my Medieval Literature midterms yesterday and I really planned on doing a pretty comprehensive reviewer (see above for an excerpt) for the Inferno finals anticipating that our teacher would ask things like why is this contrapasso (punishment) is appropriate for the sin? or what is the geography of Limbo? what does the seven towers in limbo represent? or worse, provide us a piece of paper where we will draw a chart that represents hell, sins, contrapasso, sinners and etc.

Thank goodness that Jennie sent me a simplified chart that made me stop working on my comprehensive chart. Why?

The exam is an essay type, with two questions in which the first one asks about the moral structure of the inferno and Dante’s journey and the second one is about hidden life in the inferno and how a passage can be related to the malebolge. In my perspective, a deep understanding of the book will help you pass the exam, a comprehensive reviewer is not a help.

If I continued doing my comprehensive reviewer, I could not find any words to express what would I feel if that happened. It’s like being dead at the same time alive, being happy at the same time sad.

Now, we officially departed hell, next stop Purgatory. One thing still intrigues me, if the lustful belongs to hell why would they have a place in purgatory?


BIT Bowling Night!

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[My classmates haven’t uploaded the pictures yet :(]

For some reason (other than Jazel’s Birthday), my blockmates planned to play bowling last Friday after our Software Engineering exam at Paeng’s Robinson’s Galleria. I wasn’t aware of the plan until the day itself.

Before playing, we were treated by Jazel (the birthday girl) to Yellow Cab Pizza at Robinson’s. I dunno why the whole block always choose Yellow Cab for all sorts of celebrations (e.g. Clash of the Brains post-contest celebration, birthday celebrations, etc.) But I think it is the easiest way to "feed" everyone.

After eating, we proceed to Paeng’s to play Bowling. It was actually my second time to play bowling, the first time was with the Microsoft Juniors at Eastwood.Each and every sixteen one of us played the first game, it was fun because everyone was just cheering, screaming and all sorts of things. I think we were the noisiest group playing bowling at that time. I myself played three games.

To cut the story short, everyone had fun, we were the ones who closed Paeng’s at around 12MN. I arrived home at around 1:30 AM.

This is really really fun! Can we do this again? (Well the next time, hmm.. let’s not end very late, my parents will not allow me if that happens again).

The Image that Struck me the Most

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I am currently working on my Economics Project, finalizing the layout, the captions and designs for my photojournalistic album.

It was Christmas Day, we went to Manaoag, Pangasinan to attend mass. On our way home, I snapped pictures along the way which I can use for this project. Now I am reviewing all the pictures and the image above struck me the most. Two children, sitting by a bridge, barefoot, eating whatever they got for Christmas.

I think this image is simply incomprehensible for a country who aims to be a first world in ten to twenty years. Incomprehensible for a country with the strongest performing currency in Asia.

These children should be in their homes, with their families but I think they simply cannot do that because it would mean an empty stomach for Christmas Day.

Thoughts at 12MN

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Dear Me,

I think you have observed that whenever you are writing papers you do something like this:

You write on the first paragraph, then an idea comes up you write a second paragraph. Then you go back to the first paragraph because an idea comes out, then you write on a third paragraph.





School Lag

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School Lag, also schoolag or school-lag, is a made up purely "in your mind" condition which is a consequence of abrupt changes to one’s vacation rhythm. This condition usually occurs after vacation, especially during semester-breaks, Christmas-breaks and summer-breaks.


  1. Reluctance to attend school, do assignments and other academic work.
  2. Desire and will to play more games, watch more cartoons, etc.
  3. Trouble adjusting from late-night / early-morning sleep – late-afternoon wake-up to regular school sleep and wake up times.
  4. Disorientation from the class schedule.

Other symptoms may appear depending on the type of person experiencing the so-called condition. Students vacationing from other time zones, may also experience Jet lag.


We say that prevention is always better than cure. So the following are some suggestions to prevent the so-called school lag:

  1. Try going back to school work a week or two before the start of classes, especially if it is a Christmas-break. If it is a semestral break or summer vacation, try do do some reading or if you are a Computer Science / IT Student you may start coding.
  2. Start watching channels like National Geographic, The History Channel or Discovery Channel, it’s educational plus if you are watching it late at night it may help you solve symptom #2.


If you cannot avoid school-lag (either can’t or won’t), you should start thinking that it’s all in your head. VACATION IS OVER! The so-called condition not real, school is FUN. Get out of your bed and go to school.


P.S. I’m bored!