School Lag, also schoolag or school-lag, is a made up purely "in your mind" condition which is a consequence of abrupt changes to one’s vacation rhythm. This condition usually occurs after vacation, especially during semester-breaks, Christmas-breaks and summer-breaks.


  1. Reluctance to attend school, do assignments and other academic work.
  2. Desire and will to play more games, watch more cartoons, etc.
  3. Trouble adjusting from late-night / early-morning sleep – late-afternoon wake-up to regular school sleep and wake up times.
  4. Disorientation from the class schedule.

Other symptoms may appear depending on the type of person experiencing the so-called condition. Students vacationing from other time zones, may also experience Jet lag.


We say that prevention is always better than cure. So the following are some suggestions to prevent the so-called school lag:

  1. Try going back to school work a week or two before the start of classes, especially if it is a Christmas-break. If it is a semestral break or summer vacation, try do do some reading or if you are a Computer Science / IT Student you may start coding.
  2. Start watching channels like National Geographic, The History Channel or Discovery Channel, it’s educational plus if you are watching it late at night it may help you solve symptom #2.


If you cannot avoid school-lag (either can’t or won’t), you should start thinking that it’s all in your head. VACATION IS OVER! The so-called condition not real, school is FUN. Get out of your bed and go to school.


P.S. I’m bored!