[My classmates haven’t uploaded the pictures yet :(]

For some reason (other than Jazel’s Birthday), my blockmates planned to play bowling last Friday after our Software Engineering exam at Paeng’s Robinson’s Galleria. I wasn’t aware of the plan until the day itself.

Before playing, we were treated by Jazel (the birthday girl) to Yellow Cab Pizza at Robinson’s. I dunno why the whole block always choose Yellow Cab for all sorts of celebrations (e.g. Clash of the Brains post-contest celebration, birthday celebrations, etc.) But I think it is the easiest way to "feed" everyone.

After eating, we proceed to Paeng’s to play Bowling. It was actually my second time to play bowling, the first time was with the Microsoft Juniors at Eastwood.Each and every sixteen one of us played the first game, it was fun because everyone was just cheering, screaming and all sorts of things. I think we were the noisiest group playing bowling at that time. I myself played three games.

To cut the story short, everyone had fun, we were the ones who closed Paeng’s at around 12MN. I arrived home at around 1:30 AM.

This is really really fun! Can we do this again? (Well the next time, hmm.. let’s not end very late, my parents will not allow me if that happens again).