Is my PC Possessed?

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This afternoon, something strange happened to my PC (desktop). It turns itself off, on, off again and the cycle continues. The funny thing is that Windows is shutting down properly.

And no, it’s not a virus and the power supply is not busted.

Instead it is just a simple case of the power switch shorting somewhere.


Moderate the Projects! Moderate the Requirements!

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While on the streets they’re shouting "Moderate the Greed! Moderate the Greed!", I am on the other hand in my seat crying "Moderate the Projects! Moderate the Requirements!"

This semester and the accompanying last three weeks or so will be the most challenging on my part. Requirements and Projects are too much to bear!

Here’s the list so far:

  1. Software Engineering Project – Due Finals Week
  2. Philippine Society and Culture
    • Major Paper Book Report – Due March 31, 2008 but have to pass it earlier
    • Project – Cultural Symposium / Outreach / Field Trip – Due before March 18, 2008
    • Finals
  3. Medieval Literature – Paper 3-4 Pages long – Due Before Finals Week (Most Probably Holy Week) + Purgatorio Finals
  4. Basic Economics – Possible Project + Finals
  5. Emerging Technologies – Report to be cleared on Monday
  6. Accounting – Exams one next week another the week after next week

Whew, this I have to cram in the last weeks of the semester. Can I survive this semester without actually failing one subject?

But I do know that I’m still lucky compared to my classmates who are yet to finish their PolGov Project, ProMan Project, etc.


Jollibee – Tycoon Pearl Drive!

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This photo was taken yesterday. I didn’t realize that today was the opening day of Jollibee, I thought that it will still be next week. I just saw the advertisments on my way to school that Jollibee is now open.

Hurray! A cheaper place to eat (at last).

For those of you wondering, the nearest places to eat if you are a UA&P student aside from the school cafeteria  is Starbucks, The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH), Hotshots, The Venue (I love this place), Pancake House, Mocha Blends, Marina, etc. For anything else, you have to go either to Shangri-la Plaza or to SM Megamall.

After attending the Ash Wednesday mass at Dizon Auditorium, my classmates and I checked out this new Jollibee outlet. Since today is a day of fasting and abstinence, my first order for this specific Jollibee outlet are the following:

  1. Large Fries
  2. Chocolate Sundae
  3. Iced Tea
  4. Peach Mango Pie

Around the campus, there are rumors that Mc Donald’s is also building a branch beside Jollibee. Something to look forward to, but I still love Jollibee (especially their palabok which I will be trying out tom (or Friday).

My head is killing me

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I’m having a headache in the middle of projects and papers. Argh!