I can’t help but notice the following portion of a comment on one of the blog posts of my classmate Jhasmine by Pas, one of my friends in UA&P

my seatmate during the equats kept on asking and saying "Sino sila?", "kabatch ba natin sila?" and "i don’t know them"

Ouch! We’ve been in the University for almost three years now and no one knows about us. So I’ve come up with some sort of FAQ-like article as part of this blog post for you guys in CAS would know about US.

Introducing Block IT!

Some time in February – March 2005, some of the accepted applicants in the University of Asia and the Pacific (like me) received a letter explaining and inviting us to a pilot program called the BSIT on Science Stream. It is a new program wherein students will get less of the Liberal Arts, more Math and Sciences plus we get our major subjects at the beginning of our life in the University.

Normally, students of UA&P except for those who are taking EM (I think) should undergo a three year liberal arts program, at the end of their second year they will have to apply for their chosen field of specialization (e.g. Education, IMC, PolEco,IEP, IT, etc.).

The BSIT on Science Stream block (or popularly known as BlockIT), is currently composed of 20 individuals.

Q: Where do you guys hang out?

A: If you don’t know yet, we have our own floor at the ACB. The fourth floor contains two IT Laboratories and the faculty room for the Institute of IT Studies. We normally stay there to work on projects, surf the Internet through the computers or through Wifi with our notebook computers (yes, we do have it on our laboratory). You can also find us in the different floors of the ACB, in the study halls, the cafeteria.

During special times, as what we observed within ourselves is that we always hang out in Yellow Cab Pizza, We play bowling as a block, we go to malls, etc.

Q: What Organizations are you part of?

A: When we are in first year, everyone of us is part of the Math Honors Society. Now that the MHS is inactive, almost everyone is a part of I-MIC public speaking organization. Some of us also help in implementing projects such as the proposed wifi network for students, etc.

Q: How come we don’t see you?

A: I think it’s because our subjects is structured differently, for example our curriculum states that we are scheduled to take Philippine Society and Culture during the second semester of our third year instead of taking it during the second semester of first year, we have to take a different and special Physics and Biology Subjects. We don’t have LIT101, LIT102 but we have LIT103. We don’t have APS (PRS) subjects, we are only required 1 Arts subject, so there.

Q: Is your life easier?

A: Although, we don’t have too many papers [I dunno if this is still true], we do spend our time solving problems in Algebra and Trigonometry, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Finishing different projects from our majors, etc. I think it’s safe to say that we have less but heavier units per semester.

Q: What is your block’s favorite chocolate brand?

Hany’s. Enough said.

If you have further questions, please do comment!