Something to share while viewing the space needle outside the window:

This was supposed to be our class play for the I-MIC Year-ender (our school’s public speaking organization). However due to constraints on our projects, we decided not to push through :(. I should be playing as Humpty Dumpty in this short play.

Right now I’m in Seattle, WA for the 2008 Microsoft MVP Global Summit. The first day was fun since I met a lot of new people from SEA as well as in some different places although I haven’t linked their faces with their names yet. It is also a very nice experience since I can personally see how different cultures interact with one another.

Also right now, I’m helpless. I can’t access my grades from here neither my classmates. Something went wrong with the server that hosts the website of the University. The last time I heard from that server is before I crossed the Canada-US Border. The latest news I heard from my classmates who can still access it is that I got a — in Philsoc. Yes, —. Meaning no grade yet :(. I just hope that I will pass that subject since effort was truly exerted on that subject and I did learn a lot from it which benefits my trip outside the Philippines.