Chester Coronel with his Spiderman clock in the background at around 3:50 – 3:56 in the morning. This is how a sleep deprived Chester looks like:(

All I want is sleep, 8 hour sleep non-stop. Getting to North America is easy, going back to my Philippines is hard. I remember that when I got to Vancouver, I only experienced this one day and it’s all over (but still I had to experience walking in that Metrotown mall sleepy).

Before I left manila, I read an article over the Internet that in order to help oneself beat Jet-lag one must adjust his wristwatch to the destination time. This helps the mind prepare for the transition, but what happened when the plane took off, I adjusted the time on my wrist watch to GUAM! which is two hours ahead of Manila. It is only when we had our technical stop in Guam that I realized that I got the wrong time.

I am just happy that the weather kind of cooperated with me during the past few days. The temperature is nice and I didn’t have to worry much about nosebleeds or anything.

Hay, I should better get myself busy for the mean time. An Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.