This school year officially marks my so-called "initial approach" to graduation. It is now my senior year in college and I’m excited about it although I know this will be challenging for me. I am positive that I’ll be graduating in time (June 2009 – DO or DIE) no matter what, however I’m still worried about missing that initial approach and eventually have to go back to square one.

I’ve been listening to Stand by Me still for the past couple of days and this specific line in one of the tracks caught my attention: "Winds be Quiet, Waves be Still"

Winds for me is not a bad thing, they bring in breeze in a hot afternoon. However, sometimes when they get stronger and if they generate such an awful sound that makes us people scared especially during typhoons. I would equate winds to all the unknown challenges that I still have to face, I do know that all these challenges will enrich my person, my being but one thing that I want though is for these to be just silent, in a sense that they should not be generating any noise that will get me frustrated or will let me give up.

Waves on the other hand are all those challenges known to me, the only thing I want for those challenges is to be still, let me pass unto them safely so that I may reach the shores.

The countdown begins in one month, 12 months to go before graduation day. Good luck.