Looking Back… Imagining forward.

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To all who greeted me a Happy Birthday, I would like to say a big thank you.

It seems that it was only yesterday when I was still a young boy that I am thinking & dreaming about what it is like to be a teenager. After this chapter in my life, I still can’t believe all the “crazy” things that I just did during the 8 years of my teenage life: competitions, school, friends, travel, etc. These are some of the pictures from when I was 12.5 – 19 (Chronological Order) [Thanks to the Pictures Archive Folder and taken from my friends’ multiply account] 

Grade 6 – High School – College

Me and Ma'am Virgie day2_chester 15th BirthdayDSC01163DSC00668 DSC09239DSC09257 Picture011005DSC09268xperts3 DSC09756IMG_0056 DSC00178DSC00172Team%20UA%26amp%3BP%20%28Me%2C%20Arvin%2C%20Edric%29PHIWUG_VISTA0001    Bootcamp%20Batangas%20011

  Pictures%20069IMG_7846Ecolympics_Mar10%20%2708_115Rubber%20Duckies%20Last%20Day_032 Vancouver Trip 074IMG_0624  Seattle 001MVP Summit 2008 284 

Disneyland Resort 020Magic Mountain 139 April 21, Universal Studios, CA 018IMG_0309April 29, 2008 - Solvang, CA 045 San Diego 057


 Last Leg US 057 Last Leg US 101 Last Leg US 188  B-day 149

These are all the 37 pictures that more or less illustrate how did I “evolve” to what am I now. I can’t believe that these all happened in my teenage years.

I can’t quit wondering what will happen next or what to expect, June 2009 will rock my world out. Graduation, looking for work, 21st birthday, radical changes will happen in an instant. I’m pondering if I will remain in status quo, or will I go against the current no matter how hard it is just to listen and follow.

Whatever happens, I’ll get there when I get there.


So that no one will wake me up at 5:30 AM

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Room 009

Good Night!

The Frustrated Pianist

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“Once upon a time there is this young man who would then spend time at National Bookstore looking for piano pieces, the only problem with this young man is that his brain was never wired to play the piano when he as still a younger man.”

And that young man is me and hello, I’m the frustrated pianist.

Little do people know that I wanted to play the piano ever since time in memorial. The only thing I know to play is the vocals of Do-Re-Mi which I learned from my grade school music classes. For the past years I have been forcing myself to self-learn how to play that piano and up to now, I haven’t memorized a piece nor do I know how to coordinate my hands.

Maybe this is one of the things that I must (re)start before turning 21 about almost a year from now. Hopefully the second semester will give me time to study this.

Thoughts on the Elementary Batch Get-Together

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Yesterday, I joined some of my batchmates from Sacred Heart School for a night of socializing at the Tides Bar in BF Homes Paranaque. Finally, after almost eight years I get to know where everyone has been.  There is a gathering of this kind before, but unfortunately I was not able to come because I have something else to do. Although I saw some of them in HS for example, Patricia Caeg, she studied in SSC. I saw her at times in Don Bosco Makati and she avoids me (and I don’t get it), Catherine and Christine because their house is just on the main street, Stephanie because I see her in church back then.

I arrived there a little past seven, because I really wanted to be on time [I really hate the feeling of being late]. To my surprise no one is there yet 😐 and I am texting Honelyn at that time to ask where they are or what time are they coming. Since no one is there yet, Dad joined me for the meantime.

The first one that arrived on the scene after almost an hour of waiting (or was it an hour and thirty) and there comes my then-mortal-enemy (hehe) Kim Dichoso [sa lahat pa na naunang dumating sya pa.. hehe]. I remembered how he bullies me and destroyed my things back in my elementary days. First he destroyed my water jug and then my Sharp Zaurus ZR-5000 Personal Data Assistant (yes, I do have one back then, model pictured below):


The water jug was replaced, but the PDA was not :(. Moving on, I didn’t recognize that the girl he’s with is actually another batchmate of mine and she’s Paula Pestano. After that Dad left, and people just start flowing in like Xhy (Czarina Loagan), Angel (Jesusa Padua), Honelyn Alabado, Darl Nino Lopez, Jarret Adams, etc. I’m happy to know that some of them had graduated already from college (because of that Trimestral system), with others (like me) still pursuing their respective degrees. Although for the batch, I’ll be the last to graduate on June 6, 2009 (hopefully). They’re pursuing either MMA or Mass Communications/Communication Arts, unfortunately no one is pursuing IT.

It was just a night of catching up (and I can’t believe they’re still linking me to that Charigold girl, all these years they still remember it and it was like in third grade) and of course some social drinking :D, I then left around 12MN.

First Two School Days, what can I say?

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I learned earlier this week that my Computer Security and Disaster Recovery elective that I wanted to take for the longest time is going to be dissolved (because I was the only one enrolled in that class) which is a bittersweet thing, sweet because I don’t get to spend my entire birthday staying up to twelve hours in school, bitter because I really really wanted to take that elective. As an alternative, I was thinking of taking a UNIX elective, but I was told that it is also dissolved. Since COMSEC and UNIX are dissolved as of the time of writing, I took ABAP/4 instead however the only problem is that currently I’m not officially enrolled since it conflicts with my Project Management Elective during Fridays, but it was already settled yesterday however I still have to wait for the registrar to be notified of the changes so that I could finally enroll before the Wednesday next week deadline.

This completes the 4 electives that I need in order for me to graduate next year:

  1. Computational Finance
  2. Emerging Technologies
  3. Project Management
  4. ABAP/4

The 12.5 Hour School Day every Thursday

This is the first thing that greeted me for this semester with my first class beginning at 7:30 AM and my last class ending at 8:00 PM. If I will be able to successfully enroll ABAP/4 next week, this will be my schedule every Thursday.

If there is a 12.5 Hour School Day, there is also my 10.5 hour school day every Friday. Luckily unlike yesterday it was not implemented today since my Majors & Electives decided to start their classes next week.

Sad PS104 MHA1(Rizal)

This is the first time in my whole four years stay at the University of Asia and the Pacific that I don’t have any of my blockmates joining me in the class. Although, some of the people who is taking the same class as I am have been my classmates in other classes, pero iba pa rin kung may blockmate eh.

PHL101 (The Family) will be an interesting class…

…and I think it will be fun! (Happy to know that only one (1) student failed that class with that teacher)

POLGOV, YES! I’ve been waiting for years!

Philippine Politics! YUM!

21+ things to do before turning 21

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I’m technically not a teenager anymore sometime within the next two weeks. Unless you spell 20 as twenteen but the red wavy line in Windows Live Writer tells me that it is not the spelling. In one year and two weeks, I’ll be 21 (and i’ll be technically an adult) and I’m sure I want to make up for all the things that I didn’t do while I was still in my teenage years with limited time in my hands to do everything, could you suggest what are the things that I should not miss out before turning 21.

Hello First Semester!

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