I learned earlier this week that my Computer Security and Disaster Recovery elective that I wanted to take for the longest time is going to be dissolved (because I was the only one enrolled in that class) which is a bittersweet thing, sweet because I don’t get to spend my entire birthday staying up to twelve hours in school, bitter because I really really wanted to take that elective. As an alternative, I was thinking of taking a UNIX elective, but I was told that it is also dissolved. Since COMSEC and UNIX are dissolved as of the time of writing, I took ABAP/4 instead however the only problem is that currently I’m not officially enrolled since it conflicts with my Project Management Elective during Fridays, but it was already settled yesterday however I still have to wait for the registrar to be notified of the changes so that I could finally enroll before the Wednesday next week deadline.

This completes the 4 electives that I need in order for me to graduate next year:

  1. Computational Finance
  2. Emerging Technologies
  3. Project Management
  4. ABAP/4

The 12.5 Hour School Day every Thursday

This is the first thing that greeted me for this semester with my first class beginning at 7:30 AM and my last class ending at 8:00 PM. If I will be able to successfully enroll ABAP/4 next week, this will be my schedule every Thursday.

If there is a 12.5 Hour School Day, there is also my 10.5 hour school day every Friday. Luckily unlike yesterday it was not implemented today since my Majors & Electives decided to start their classes next week.

Sad PS104 MHA1(Rizal)

This is the first time in my whole four years stay at the University of Asia and the Pacific that I don’t have any of my blockmates joining me in the class. Although, some of the people who is taking the same class as I am have been my classmates in other classes, pero iba pa rin kung may blockmate eh.

PHL101 (The Family) will be an interesting class…

…and I think it will be fun! (Happy to know that only one (1) student failed that class with that teacher)

POLGOV, YES! I’ve been waiting for years!

Philippine Politics! YUM!