Yesterday, I joined some of my batchmates from Sacred Heart School for a night of socializing at the Tides Bar in BF Homes Paranaque. Finally, after almost eight years I get to know where everyone has been.  There is a gathering of this kind before, but unfortunately I was not able to come because I have something else to do. Although I saw some of them in HS for example, Patricia Caeg, she studied in SSC. I saw her at times in Don Bosco Makati and she avoids me (and I don’t get it), Catherine and Christine because their house is just on the main street, Stephanie because I see her in church back then.

I arrived there a little past seven, because I really wanted to be on time [I really hate the feeling of being late]. To my surprise no one is there yet 😐 and I am texting Honelyn at that time to ask where they are or what time are they coming. Since no one is there yet, Dad joined me for the meantime.

The first one that arrived on the scene after almost an hour of waiting (or was it an hour and thirty) and there comes my then-mortal-enemy (hehe) Kim Dichoso [sa lahat pa na naunang dumating sya pa.. hehe]. I remembered how he bullies me and destroyed my things back in my elementary days. First he destroyed my water jug and then my Sharp Zaurus ZR-5000 Personal Data Assistant (yes, I do have one back then, model pictured below):


The water jug was replaced, but the PDA was not :(. Moving on, I didn’t recognize that the girl he’s with is actually another batchmate of mine and she’s Paula Pestano. After that Dad left, and people just start flowing in like Xhy (Czarina Loagan), Angel (Jesusa Padua), Honelyn Alabado, Darl Nino Lopez, Jarret Adams, etc. I’m happy to know that some of them had graduated already from college (because of that Trimestral system), with others (like me) still pursuing their respective degrees. Although for the batch, I’ll be the last to graduate on June 6, 2009 (hopefully). They’re pursuing either MMA or Mass Communications/Communication Arts, unfortunately no one is pursuing IT.

It was just a night of catching up (and I can’t believe they’re still linking me to that Charigold girl, all these years they still remember it and it was like in third grade) and of course some social drinking :D, I then left around 12MN.