To all who greeted me a Happy Birthday, I would like to say a big thank you.

It seems that it was only yesterday when I was still a young boy that I am thinking & dreaming about what it is like to be a teenager. After this chapter in my life, I still can’t believe all the “crazy” things that I just did during the 8 years of my teenage life: competitions, school, friends, travel, etc. These are some of the pictures from when I was 12.5 – 19 (Chronological Order) [Thanks to the Pictures Archive Folder and taken from my friends’ multiply account] 

Grade 6 – High School – College

Me and Ma'am Virgie day2_chester 15th BirthdayDSC01163DSC00668 DSC09239DSC09257 Picture011005DSC09268xperts3 DSC09756IMG_0056 DSC00178DSC00172Team%20UA%26amp%3BP%20%28Me%2C%20Arvin%2C%20Edric%29PHIWUG_VISTA0001    Bootcamp%20Batangas%20011

  Pictures%20069IMG_7846Ecolympics_Mar10%20%2708_115Rubber%20Duckies%20Last%20Day_032 Vancouver Trip 074IMG_0624  Seattle 001MVP Summit 2008 284 

Disneyland Resort 020Magic Mountain 139 April 21, Universal Studios, CA 018IMG_0309April 29, 2008 - Solvang, CA 045 San Diego 057


 Last Leg US 057 Last Leg US 101 Last Leg US 188  B-day 149

These are all the 37 pictures that more or less illustrate how did I “evolve” to what am I now. I can’t believe that these all happened in my teenage years.

I can’t quit wondering what will happen next or what to expect, June 2009 will rock my world out. Graduation, looking for work, 21st birthday, radical changes will happen in an instant. I’m pondering if I will remain in status quo, or will I go against the current no matter how hard it is just to listen and follow.

Whatever happens, I’ll get there when I get there.