Many of you don’t know this, aside from everything that is related to computers, my other academically-inclined interest is policy, politics and governance. What are the current events? How do governments in their respective countries around the world work? What kind of legislature do they have? How to form policies?

Right now I am reviewing my notes for my Philippine Politics and Governance midterms tomorrow noon. While reviewing (notes are in OneNote), I opened and found out this very intriguing headline.

‘All systems go for Charter change – Palace’

One thing that immediately got into my mind “Last week, I woke up with a news that there is this MOA between the GRP and MILF/MNLF and now they’re dancing on the tune of cha-cha”

I got curious, clicked it and read the article and found some interesting points. As part of my review I will be commenting on some of the points that caught my attention.

  1. “Under the resolution, the President and the Vice President will be elected and will serve a term of six years with one re-election.”
    I have no problems with this, if these people from the executive branch are performing well and beyond expectation they should be given another term to continue what they are doing. The only thing is that I believe that we Filipinos are allergic to the concept of re-election because of what happened during the Marcos-era.
  2. But wait there’s more! “The President and Vice President will be voted as a team.”
    The biggest question I got in my mind is “WHY?”. Well maybe so that we could establish a two-party system? I don’t know. The problem is we have too many parties with each have their own distinct ideology plus they are either classified as administration, opposition, or undefined. We don’t have the system like abroad where there are only two prominent parties wherein one is  generally a conservative party and the other one is liberal. In this system, how will I as a voter distinguish teams of Presidents and Vice Presidents from one another if all they say is that they want to uplift the Philippines from poverty and not knowing their unified stand about different issues. Will I vote for someone who is less evil na lang?
  3. Nine other senators will be elected to represent the Filipinos overseas.
    ”HOW?” If this amendment is in place, I don’t want to see traditional politicians running for the office of “Senator for Filipino Overseas”. I wanted to see real Filipino overseas running for this office. Why? How can you represent a group of people if first and foremost you are not one of them? However one problem remains, how will they choose their representative? Of course person a from country a running for the senate is unknown to filipinos in country b. It would be very expensive encircling the globe campaigning.

Just giving out my two cents.