The Chester Coronel Christmas Wishlist 2009

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Need help in looking for a gift for me this christmas? Think no more! take a look at the following gifts that I wanted to recieve this Christmas.
  1. Bukas Palad Albums (FYI, Stand by Me Still and Far Greater Love)
  2. Musical Soundtracks (Camp Rock, High School Musical, Hairspray)
  3. Mabuhay Miles  / Plane Ticket (MNL-YVR(optional)-LAX/LAS-JFK-LAX-MNL) (for use in late-march, early-april)
  4. Zune Pass Subscription, kahit one month lang
  5. Shirts from Nautica or Izod
  6. Papemelroti Products
  7. Blenz Coffee GCs
  8. Windows Mobile Powered Phones
  9. Religious books (make sure it has an imprimatur and a nihil obstat)
  10. XBOX
  11. Media Center Extender
  12. LCD TV
  13. Driving School GCs (enough for me to learn how to drive from zero)


Better than Starbucks!

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Back then, when I’m stressed out one of my quick remedies is a Grande Cup of Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate. Before I left the Philippines last March for Canada and the US, my cousin and I engaged on a chat conversation about coffee shops. She told me, wait ‘till you try Blenz.

So, I left the Philippines and went to Vancouver, Canada during my first day she brought me to this coffee shop called Blenz. Didn’t know what to order, I just asked her to get me hot chocolate.


(Photo of me in front of that gas clock holding a Blenz Hot Chocolate)

So we tried the hot chocolate and it tasted sooooooooo good! If I were to describe the taste, it is like melted toblerone.

A month and some weeks after, I went back to the Philippines and I missed Blenz already. One day while walking around MOA, I saw a branch of Blenz in One E-Com Center. However, I didn’t have money left so I went on and promised myself to go back some time.

Last friday, during lunch I met with a classmate of mine Ulrich in SM Mall of Asia since I am just nearby. We ate lunch and I remember that there is Blenz nearby so we decided to try it.

FINALLY, I was able to try it again, we ordered that Cold Chocolate Drink (because you don’t expect someone here to drink hot choco naman) and the moment of truth came, IT IS SOO GOOD! JUST AS EXPECTED, SOO DELICIOUS.

I’m inviting everyone to come and try Blenz here in the Philippines, they have one branch in One E-Com Center (beside SM MOA) and in SM Megamall.