Need help in looking for a gift for me this christmas? Think no more! take a look at the following gifts that I wanted to recieve this Christmas.
  1. Bukas Palad Albums (FYI, Stand by Me Still and Far Greater Love)
  2. Musical Soundtracks (Camp Rock, High School Musical, Hairspray)
  3. Mabuhay Miles  / Plane Ticket (MNL-YVR(optional)-LAX/LAS-JFK-LAX-MNL) (for use in late-march, early-april)
  4. Zune Pass Subscription, kahit one month lang
  5. Shirts from Nautica or Izod
  6. Papemelroti Products
  7. Blenz Coffee GCs
  8. Windows Mobile Powered Phones
  9. Religious books (make sure it has an imprimatur and a nihil obstat)
  10. XBOX
  11. Media Center Extender
  12. LCD TV
  13. Driving School GCs (enough for me to learn how to drive from zero)