1. I have two names Chester Clado Coronel being my full legal name and Chester John Clado Coronel being my baptismal name. The reason being for the discrepancy is that my father’s uncle, a priest who baptized me, insisted in putting John on my name because I was born on the Feast of St. John the Baptist.

2. I have a bump on my forehead, and never knew where it came from.

3. I literally slept with computer books when I was a kid (Grade 2-3). To be exact I have some on my side and one or two under my pillow.

4. I used to believe that there are only two countries in the world when I was a kid, the United States and the Philippines. The great part is that I used to think that the US is the moon.

5. My first e-mail address is chetcoronel@yahoo.com, I was in 4th grade back then. At that time, I am asking if I could e-mail my fourth grade classmates. That e-mail address died because of this certain Yahoo policy.

6. My very first public speaking engagement was in Grade 2, I recited the Little Half Chick for the inter-section story telling contest. I won first runner up.

7. One of my childhood ambitions is to be the class president, ever since grade 1. This materialized when I am in first year college.

8. I was a problem kid during my nursery, kinder and early elementary days. I used to pull the veil of nuns in my school and they almost decided to kick me out when I was in nursery.

9. I learned how to drink coffee when I was in 3rd grade, and it’s batangas coffee.

10. Generally, I love music that either is a: Classic, Musical, or Bukas Palad. Any music that is on my zune but doesn’t fall under these criteria, I placed them because they sound so good.

11. I am trying to teach myself the piano. So far, no progress, did not succeed :(.

12. I had my first personal digital assistant when I was on my 6th grade. It was a Sharp Zaurus.

13. Never had a GF ever and one of the biggest turn-off for me is that when they SMS me past 1030PM.

14. I love cold places and If I were to migrate to another country, I will make sure that the country has cold weather all year round.

15. I still don’t understand why my parents wouldn’t allow me to go on a trip with my classmates in Batangas when in fact I returned from Canada/US in one piece last summer without bruises, fractures, etc.

16. Originally, I wanted to be a pilot, then when mom and dad has plans expanding this house way back and when I saw the floor plan I dreamed of being an architect. For some reason, I’m in IT now.

17. I used to think (as kid) that if you want to create software, you just draw it on screen and some kind of magic will work and viola you have software that is working.

18. Lucky was my best dog (so far), she would follow me everywhere even in my room and leave when I am asleep. Now she’s gone 😥

19. If given a chance, I want to be a lawyer.

20. I seriously considered (as in seriously) entering the seminary when I’m about to graduate HS. During the graduation practice I seriously thought of it, but ended having to tell our spiritual director that I decided not to.

21. One of my unforgettable kris-kringle thing was (December 2008) last year. I was like <insert appropriate emoticon here for shocked>, but nevertheless had fun.

22. I cried when Pope John Paul II left the Philippines in 1995.

23. I thought that an indian reservation in the United States is a place where I can see Animals, Trees, anything related to nature. I was wrong.

24. I never pack light, I always would have extra of something clothes, underwear, socks, etc. I would bring the usual luggage (with wheels) for camping.

25. I finished this at 1025, and i’ll be working on my ethics exam again.