10 Things that I wanted to do in college but never had a chance

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These are some of the things that I thought that I wanted to do in college but unfortunately I never had the chance. Some of the things here, are things that I still wanted to do as a working person especially #1, #3 – hmm, I don’t know. It’s nice to list them down and set them aside once and for all since I would be very imprudent if I keep on looking back and think that I should have done this and that.

  1. Join an Extemporaneous Speech Competition or any other speaking competition – this is one of the things that I really wanted to do during my college years. I have joined numerous competitions related to IT (Web Design Competitions, Quiz Bees) and I wanted to do something different for a change. I imagined myself on the stage giving the best extemporaneous speech in the world (well not in the world, maybe in the hall), I almost had this chance when I tried out for a prepared speech competition but unfortunately the piece I created wasn’t good enough since I only created it that morning, tried to memorize it in-between class and presented it at night.  The piece would have been better if I have been reading a lot of non-IT books (as if I had the time).
  2. Be a writer / layout artist for the student paper – this is something that I did in late-high school. I was the layout artist for the Bosconian Journal (well better not mention the acronym here) and from there I thought that this would be something that I would like to do again once I am in college since a lot of Bosconian Journal contributors write for their respective university’s student publication. Well one problem though, my school doesn’t have one.
  3. Find Love – enough said, but I found another LOVE (Longhorn, Office, Vista, and Exchange). But seriously, I don’t know or I just think that college love is pathetic (well you go together in your college years and boom after your graduation you go on separate ways) or I just think that love is expensive (well the other LOVE is kind of expensive too but it is another thing) and I’m too busy to find love. What do you think?
  4. Night Out with Blockmates (and friends too) – well I don’t consider overnight Christmas parties with matching parlor games, injured people, etc. as night out, I’m thinking of something like we people wandering the metro at night thing doing things (good and wholesome things).
  5. Be Active in Church (again) – I was once a sacristan in our parish, waking up at 530 AM to prepare for the 715 AM mass. Until that one day when we were barred from serving in the mass (well because we missed a handful of Sundays of KOA meetings), it was a sad event but learned to move on. But there is this voice within me that makes me want to go back, I considered giving out catechesis but don’t know where to go.
  6. Participate in an international student exchange program – I find it too complicated, but this is something that I wanted to do in college.
  7. Participate in WYD – instead of getting down under, I found myself in the north a few months before the WYD. All I can say is that I promise that I will NOT miss Madrid 2011.
  8. Take classes in Political Economy and Communications – I don’t know if this is even possible (well you have taken at least 6 Units with the IPE and 3 Units with SCM but that’s another thing), but yeah I would love to take some classes in Political Economy and Communications. I think International Relations is COOL!
  9. Take IT Law as an elective – it was in the school’s brochure, I wanted to take it but in my four years as student in the university, it was not offered.
  10. Go somewhere else with my blockmates – enough said.

Pre-Employment Medical Exam

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Last Friday, I had my Pre-Employment Exam at the Grepalife Medical and Diagnostic Center in Makati City. It went pretty well, the blood extraction was done perfectly (unlike when I had my APE with that big clinic at the 5/F of Megamall, it was ouch). Got my Chest X-RAY even if my last X-RAY was done <1 year ago. Everything went smoothly as intended.

One thing though, and this one seems unusal. They have this area (a living room) where people sit while waiting for their names to be called. It is also where nurses measure the BP of patients. That area also has TV installed, and you know what they have been showing: Mind Freak by Chris angel. Yeah right another magic show, but it is not just an ordinary magic show, in that magic show you see him do tricks such as slicing himself up with a 4ft saw, getting himself pierced in the fence, etc. It is enough to shoot your respective BP up. No wonder why people have normal high BP there. 😛