Last Friday, I had my Pre-Employment Exam at the Grepalife Medical and Diagnostic Center in Makati City. It went pretty well, the blood extraction was done perfectly (unlike when I had my APE with that big clinic at the 5/F of Megamall, it was ouch). Got my Chest X-RAY even if my last X-RAY was done <1 year ago. Everything went smoothly as intended.

One thing though, and this one seems unusal. They have this area (a living room) where people sit while waiting for their names to be called. It is also where nurses measure the BP of patients. That area also has TV installed, and you know what they have been showing: Mind Freak by Chris angel. Yeah right another magic show, but it is not just an ordinary magic show, in that magic show you see him do tricks such as slicing himself up with a 4ft saw, getting himself pierced in the fence, etc. It is enough to shoot your respective BP up. No wonder why people have normal high BP there. 😛