When was the last time that I read a book that is not related to academics? It has been a long time! The last book I read is that Harry Potter Book that I purchased as a High School graduation gift for myself then was sold to the book club by my mother. How about a non-fiction book? Never unless it is IT related. After that it is either: I can’t (but not won’t) buy books or I don’t have time to read a book since I have to finish this and that.

I realized that I need to read more when I joined a public speaking organization in UA&P. Our adviser, during one of the exercises in speech suggested that I should read more books (non-IT) so that my views and ideas would not be restricted to a specific field. Later on, I found myself “auditioning” for a speech competition and here I realized (and believed) that I have a LOT of work to do.

Over the years, because of the influence of new kinds of media (e.g. DVD, Internet, etc.), my attention span for text was degraded and I can’t stand reading a 10-page reading for a specific subject. So now something has to be done, so that if ever I decided to work on either a second BS degree related to Politics, Diplomacy, MSIT, MBA, or JD, my mind is set and I am ready!

So what kind of books am I looking for?

Right now I am NOT looking for IT books.

During my junior year in the university, when I was working on my final paper for Philippine Culture and Society I came across with this work of Frank Lynch about the Philippine Society and for a short time I got hooked to the book, it discusses things like the aswang, and it helped me understand our culture deeper. I want books like this + books that discuss: International Relations, Law, History (other nations – after WWII (Cold War, etc.), Diplomacy, Management.

Right now, for to start off my collection I bought this yesterday at National Bookstore:

This book is about how the United States helped rebuild Europe after WWII. I haven’t really start reading and absorbing what is in it but I think it is a great start.