For the past few weeks, I can’t sleep properly, I can’t eat properly (there are days that I have no appetite to eat). In short I am disturbed and worried not because of the current macroeconomic climate and its possible effects on me but simply because of my forehead and what is possibly inside it.

Last March, as part of the employment process with my current employer I was asked to go to this multi-specialty clinic somewhere in Ayala to have my pre-employment exam done. Everything went well, except when I encountered this physician and the started asking questions about the prominent bump on the left side of my forehead. Although we had this x-rayed two to three years ago, we didn’t have a closure and it was not properly explained to me. So going back to this physician, she suggested that I see an orthopedic surgeon and there is a possibility that I need to undergo surgery to chip bits and pieces of my forehead off [Chester at this point had an image of some doctor using a chisel on his skull]. YIKES!

This made me really worried, especially that there are times that my head hurts on that exact spot and made me think “what if I have some kind of terminal illness already?” for weeks I have been thinking about this and came up with possible scenarios and what to do’s just in case I meet my greatest fear face to face. [Seriously, I thought of things such as accepting my fate, what FB status should I post, to leave all of a sudden and to visit as much places as I can, people to e-mail] 

Last Saturday, I told my mother that I want peace of mind [because I couldn’t stand it anymore] so we scrambled to find the best doctor we can get to have me checked once and for all and in a few hours I found myself at the Philippine Orthopedic Institute to see an orthopedic surgeon. I am his last patient and he ordered that I be subjected to a skull x-ray ASAP so he can evaluate. They took x-rays of my Skull, after a few minutes the results are in the surgeon evaluated it and he told me that there is nothing to be concerned about. He explained to me what it is, apparently it is a sinus cavity and I got it in-born.

Thank Goodness! I am relieved, I was able to feel better, sleep well and eat properly after that.