1. Blue and Gold [I think they serve great food, although a little bit pricey]
  2. Pearl Drive and Amethyst Drive: TOSH, Buddy’s, Jollibee, name it all.
  3. Walang kamatayang Megamall and Shangri-la Plaza
  4. Block X-MAS Parties!!
  5. Fourth Year First Semester Lunch Triumvirate (Me, Kat, and Drew) and the discussions happening during lunch (Philo, Theo, etc.)
  6. Lunch at ADB
  7. Team Spotlight (in case of recession, execute business plan! wohoo!) – Me, Drew, Kat, Matt, JE, Jay, Edric
  8. Jack Welch!! [Background story: we didn’t knew that we will be presenting that day all of a sudden we find ourselves preparing everything under one hour, (with me having only one bullet in the prezo, in the end we were given a high grade!]
  9. First Year Lakwatsa (nakaabot kami noon sa Glorietta / SM North Edsa in between classes)
  10. Calculus 2 : Miss Endozo
  11. Online Enlistment Blues
  12. 4/F ACB Building
  13. Wearing a barong when everyone wears coat and tie
  14. Calculus 2 pa din
  15. Block Gossips, Gossip Girl (you know who you are) and “database”
  16. Overnight Block Party 3rd Year – Went to sleep with THAT blockmate singing, woke up a few hours after when the sun is up still with that same blockmate singing in the karaoke [you know who you are]
  17. Horatio, Gwell, and port 3128
  18. Calculus 2 – receiving the “notification” through facebook and getting super stressed and depressed afterwards
  19. Calculus 2 – receiving the “notification” through text notifying that you passed
  20. IT Faculty Room
  21. Clash of the Brains!
  22. The Calculus 7
  23. The time when we’re bored and decided to record a video of ourselves lip-synching [thank god no one uploaded that]
  24. Cutting one class only to realize that the rest of classes for the day are free-cut
  25. Cutting class and going to megamall (yes, I do it)
  26. Sem-end Starbucks Rituals [Ulrich and I]
  27. Starting and Ending the Semester at an Airport (3Y2SEM)
  28. Accounting with Sir Peter
  29. Funfest
  30. Trip to the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI)
  31. Dissecting Frogs, Mice and other stuff in Bio Lab
  32. Bio Laboratory
  33. All the cool gadgets in Physics Lab Class
  34. Instant Paper for Physics regarding TVs
  35. Spiritual Direction
  36. Stella Orientis Oratory
  37. Our carpeted classrooms in 5/F
  38. Praying that all my classes are all in ACB, and not on the dreaded CAS 4/F
  39. PS, PHL, TH subjects