Looking back at all the things that happened this year, these are just some of the many facts that I can think of:

  1. I have been to ten airports namely: MNL, NRT, SEA, LAX, SFO, HKG, MPH, KLO, SIN, and CEB.
  2. If my memory serves me right I have been on a 767, 777, CRJ 700, A320, 747, A330, Q400 – so that would be 7 different types of aircraft – from the tiny ones.
  3. Used the following currencies: PHP, USD, SGD, HKD, and a little bit of MOP
  4. I have traveled approximately 20,979 miles – by air
  5. I have accumulated 15 more stamps on my passport

In a journey, we get to see places, experience a new set of experiences, meet a lot of people. In between all these – I have gained and lost a few pounds, earn and spent money, learned a lot, met people, gained friends, watched movies, changed phones, taught students, laughed, get stressed – a small fraction of my entire journey in 2010.

As a year-ender I wanted to dedicate this blog entry to everyone who became a part of my 2010.

  • Thanks for the numerous dinners, brunches, movies, etc. we had this year
  • Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts and stories with me this year
  • Thanks for making me special
  • Thanks for all the stuff you have given me this year
  • Thanks for getting me to places I haven’t been
  • Thanks for helping me with anything
  • Thanks for being a good friend
  • Thank you for anything and everything.

Tomorrow morning is a start of a new journey – not sure of the things that will come my way but I will always be ready.

2010 – thanks for the awesome journey.

Now it is time for me to get off here, join my family downstairs in welcoming 2011. Happy New Year!