There is still a few more hours before midnight and a few of my neighbors are lighting the sky and making some noise with different pyrotechnics. It is exactly ten o’clock in the evening, here I am on my desk looking back at all the things that happened the past year.

It is a pity that I will be ending the year suffering from a sore throat that would not just get away plus cough that I think would be aggravated by the smoke coming from pyrotechnics later in the night. How about you how are you ending this year?

I am finding one statement that would summarize this year, and I think it would be appropriate to call this a year that surprised me.

2011: The Year that Surprised Me.

I would like to thank everyone who has been part of my 2011 – you made this year interesting.

From my family to, all of my eight hundred and thirty six friends on Facebook. From peers, colleagues, and MACHs I’ve met in person and online to my friends from college (shout out to Block IT!). From my 127 followers in Twitter to anyone who RT’d my tweets. To the PR, 5J, 2P, DL, UA, and AS staff and to everyone who I encountered directly or indirectly during my travels. And to everyone who I failed to mention. THANK YOU / MARAMING SALAMAT!

Forward March. Soar High. Happy New Year!