Diligence is nice, but don’t overdo it.


I was preparing for my Medieval Literature midterms yesterday and I really planned on doing a pretty comprehensive reviewer (see above for an excerpt) for the Inferno finals anticipating that our teacher would ask things like why is this contrapasso (punishment) is appropriate for the sin? or what is the geography of Limbo? what does the seven towers in limbo represent? or worse, provide us a piece of paper where we will draw a chart that represents hell, sins, contrapasso, sinners and etc.

Thank goodness that Jennie sent me a simplified chart that made me stop working on my comprehensive chart. Why?

The exam is an essay type, with two questions in which the first one asks about the moral structure of the inferno and Dante’s journey and the second one is about hidden life in the inferno and how a passage can be related to the malebolge. In my perspective, a deep understanding of the book will help you pass the exam, a comprehensive reviewer is not a help.

If I continued doing my comprehensive reviewer, I could not find any words to express what would I feel if that happened. It’s like being dead at the same time alive, being happy at the same time sad.

Now, we officially departed hell, next stop Purgatory. One thing still intrigues me, if the lustful belongs to hell why would they have a place in purgatory?